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Qualität Made by Schüssler


Tool holding systems in top quality - for more precision and less costs.

Werkzeughalter in Top-Qualität

Always the best choice - and in order that our tool holders keep our promised performance, we rely entirely on 100 % quality Made in Germany.

This strategy has proved its worth. You benefit from high machining precision and optimum machining results. Tools and spindles are saved, tool life is extended and the availability of your machines is increased. This not only saves you time and trouble, but also money. And we are looking forward to satisfied and successful customers.

Economic efficiency

Low Invest, high return


The cost of tool holders is less than 1 % of the total production costs of a workpiece and therefore nearly insignificant. But they offer enormous savings potential: because high quality in the tool holding interface enables you to:

  • increase tool life signifcantly,

  • improve machining processes in terms of productivity and workpiece quality

  • extend the life of the spindle.

As our calculation example shows, the use of high-quality Schüssler tool holders lead to significant savings in the tool costs. Even one tool holder can reduce the cost of the tools used in it by more than 6.000 €, with an additional investment of less than 50 €. Who invests in Schüssler, benefits from a top return!

Schüssler – the solution for profitable, successful machining

However, the actual savings potential in relation to your entire manufacturing process is a lot higher than the 6.500 € per tool holder. Because Schüssler quality also contributes to reducing machine and labour costs. Additional, you increase your productivity by:

  • Higher machine availability due to longer spindle service life thanks to the highest balancing quality of the tool holders.

  • Bigger cutting volume and thus faster processes by the optimal use of modern HPC tools.

Product: HSK-A63 ER-Collet chuck with standard collet, clamping diameter ø16 mm Precision-ER collet chuck with high performance nut and with precision collet, Clamping diameter ø 16 mm
Price: 85,- € 130,- €
Working life: 5 years 5 years
Tool costs: (solid carbide endmill, coated, ø 16 mm) 130,- € / piece 130,- € / piece
Tool consumption: 2 endmills per week = 96 mills per year 10 % Standzeitverbesserung: 1,8 Fräser pro Woche = 86 Fräser pro Jahr
Tool cost per year: 12.480,- € 11.180,- €
Tool cost in 5 years: 62.400,- € 55.900,- €
Savings: 6.500,- € (for 45,- € additional costs)
Possible tool cost savings: per used Schüssler tool holder during a working life of 5 years.

Quality characteristics

HSK-Production in perfection

All functional features finish-machined after hardening, thereby Schüssler HSK is significant more accurate than DIN standard:

  1. Hard reworked drive slots guarantees:

    • 100% symmetry of the HSK-slots
    • perfect seat and torque transfer in machine spindle
  2. Hard reworked HSK-shoulder guarantees:

    • perfect runout of clamping shoulder (max 10µ – 5 times more accurate than DIN)
    • highest runout accuracy and repeatability
    • maximum clamping force in spindle
    • maximum radial rigidity
  3. Hard reworked HSK-discharge surface guarantees:

    • safe release of HSK at tool change
  4. All tool holders fine balanced to G2,5 at 25.000 min-1 or max. residual imbalance <= 1 gmm.

    • smooth and bearing protecting spindle run
    • longer spindle life cycle
    • maximum tool life
    • better milling surface
  5. HSK-A, DIN 69871 and CORUM have included the bore for disk-chip as standard

  6. Standard shrink fit chucks with 4-threads for supplementary fine balancing

  7. Long version with transition radius for increased radial rigidity

  8. Long shrink fit for maximum clamping force with insertion radius only

  9. Fine balanced and hardened clamping nut

  10. Large radius transfer to ER-inner taper preserves the accuracy of the collet chuck

  11. Big insertion depth for tools with long shank

Runout tolerances of the different tool holder types:

Tool holder type Rundlauf A<160 Rundlauf A>=160
Endmill holder weldon
Collet chuck
Shrink fit holder
End mill holder Whistle-Notch
<= 3 μ <= 4 μ
Shell mill holder
Combi shell mill holder
<= 6 μ <= 6 μ
Morse taper adapter <= 8 μ

Quality management

Only the best and rigorously tested quality will leave our company


In order to ensure the consistently high quality of our products, we work to the highest quality standards throughout the production process. Starting with the selection of raw material to the actual production up to the final careful quality control of each individual tool holder - supported by an effective, cross-process quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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